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Digalator Teen Smartphone App

Digalator Teen

The Digalator Teen app is a mobile help desk and private forum for teens.

Information and help on any personal concern of interest is now easy to find.

Just tap your way into a guided and open-ended info experience...

Guides and Captions

Guides provide immediate and helpful information for each Topic and Concern.

Then the multimedia experience begins.

View Captions that consist of comics, art, quotes, and more.

Music-Videos and Resources

Watch some of the great music-videos on the internet that can touch you for any Topic or Concern.

Many helpful support sites are listed and are as close to you as a simple tap.

Private Forum

You can access the private forum anytime to look at posts from other teens.

Then, view the comments for a post that are most helpful for the concern.

Making Posts and Comments

New posts can be created in the private forum with lots of details.

You can comment on any post and optionally include a link to a music-video, art, quote, or just about any other digital media.

The Digalator Teen smartphone app is a mobile help desk and private forum for teens to find information and support for any personal issue of interest. It also acts as a mental health dictionary and mobile companion for teens to help them better understand the many aspects of emotional health and mental well-being.

Digalator Teen provides guidance to the numerous helpful information and support sites available on the internet. It uses a variety of multimedia to resonate with a particular concern and helps to make the information gathering journey engaging and personal.

Topic & Concern

Quickly find and select

Spin through the picker wheel to easily see the list of Topics, then tap to select one. Use the same simple steps to select a Concern from the list of Concerns for the selected Topic.

Multimedia Guides

For helpful info and resources

Information in the form of Guides is immediately available. Then tap on the icons at the top for multimedia and lots of other information and support.

Private Forum

Lots of posts and comments

Privacy, privacy, privacy. View and submit Forum Posts and Comments anytime and remember that the Forum is always private and anonymous.

Digalator Teen is a World Summit Awards 2014 Finalist for the world's best e-content and mobile app:

The Android and iOS versions of the app are undergoing a major update! The links to the app will be available here when they are published again to the app stores.