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Features and System Requirements

Feature List

Digalator Teen has a full set of features to provide information and support for personal issues. The following list comprises the main set of features in Digalator Teen:

  • Quick and easy selection of any Topic and Concern

  • Immediate helpful information and support presented by the Guides

  • Multimedia engagement with Captions, Music-Videos, Art Images, Quotes, and other digital media

  • Additional information and support from the best internet teen support sites

  • Topic Videos with engaging information from role models, counsellors, and peers

  • Private forum for viewing Posts and Comments from other teens

  • Creation of new forum Posts and Comments

  • Comments can contain links to Music-Videos, Art images, Quotes, and many other digital media

  • Comments can be rated (in the iOS version)

  • List of counsellors in your area or national and international counsellor search sites to find them

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) core elements are included in the Guides

  • Text-based, dictionary style User Interface

  • Virtual Assistant listens, talks, and guides in the Android version

  • The app is free and usage is completely private

  • Many additional features are in the planning phase

* System Requirements

  • Compatible with Android smartphones, requires Android 4.0.3 or later