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About Us


Our mission is to assist teenagers worldwide in getting information, help, and support on any personal issue or concern they may be having.

How we started

Sometime in the early 1980's, Ken DeVellis was traveling from Austin, Texas to San Francisco, California with a friend when news came over the car radio that an earthquake had just hit California. The news invoked ideas and images in Ken to create a helpful comic-like character that would get himself in precarious physical and emotional situations (like hanging on to a cliff after an earthquake), and then give a coping strategy that guides the character to safety. The character would appear daily in a standard newspaper comic strip with the goal of helping people deal with their daily life situations. Problem was, Ken was not a cartoonist and his graphical drawing capabilities were limited to very basic stick figures. Alas, the ideas would have to wait.

A few years passed (well, maybe more than a few) and earthquakes became just a minor part of the constant problems we experience here on planet earth every day. Children born today face so many challenges that were not even thought about more than 30 years ago and the motivation within Ken for creating a helpful guide for people to meet these challenges never diminished. Then sometime in 2013 it occurred to Ken that a variation of these long held ideas could be created using a smartphone app with a greater reach than perhaps a newspaper comic strip.

Since Ken was a software developer, he set about to do just that. A small team was formed of talented writers, educational specialists, medical consultants, a great mobile technology specialist, and additional contributors all with a passion to provide support and make a difference. A difference to who? Perhaps the people who are among the most deserving of help and guidance in the world today - teenagers. In early 2014, there were an estimated 10 billion mobile phones on the planet with an increasing percentage of them being smartphones. And an increasing percentage of teens using them.

The goal of the Digalator Teen smartphone app is both simple and ambitious: Give all teens access to the best help and support for any personal concern that they may have, anywhere, anytime, for free, with no ads or tracking - privately, anonymously, and engaging enough so that they can readily contact the available support and even start helping each other.

During the development of this app, the Digalator team has discovered many wonderful people and organisations that are on similar missions. There are also numerous wonderful websites and apps available for teen help and support, and Digalator Teen aspires to be one of them.


Ken DeVellis, Software Engineer, Teacher, Project Manager

Charles Hamlin, M.Ed, Education Specialist, Writer

Julian Breneman, B.A.Ed, Educator/Writer

K'Tie, Multimedia Specialist


Naw Thein Paw Awar, Psychologist/Counsellor, PhD (UK)

Wendy Westlake, Registered Nurse, R.N.

Mark Beaumont, M.Ed, Education Specialist

Technology Support

Ben Sharman, Mobile Technology Specialist

Special Thanks

Jenifer Douros, AV Services