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Digalator Teen

The Digalator Teen smartphone app is a mobile help desk and private forum for teens to find information and support for any personal concern of interest.

It also acts as a mental health dictionary and mobile companion for teens to help them better understand the many aspects of emotional health and mental well-being.


Immediate information

5 The Guides have specific information about the chosen concern and are written at a level the teens can easily understand - and they're intentionally short. There are four sections for each guide: What the concern is, Typical causes, Common symptoms, and Tips for dealing with it.


Topic videos and more

proper Lots of information is immediately available on any of the concerns with a single tap. Choose from a list of dedicated websites to access great information and support on each concern. The Topic Videos help connect the teen with engaging information from role models, counsellors, and peers.


Multiple sources of support

posts/5923542 There's a lot of help and support from individuals and organizations around the world and getting access to their websites is a simple tap away. Support phone numbers, email addresses, access to counselors in a variety of ways are immediately available.


Explosion of Multimedia

5 Multimedia touches people in many ways. A favorite song, video, art, quote, or poem at the right time can be a great remedy to relax and get your mind back to where it wants to be. Then, its a lot easier for the available support to work as it should.


Teens helping teens

Teens helping teens is so important in today's world. And, the posts and comments in the Digalator Forum are a great way to accomplish this. Teens aren't alone when they share their experiences and provide helpful support on how they dealt with a concern.


On the journey, and
  Be yourself.

Digalator Teen is a World Summit Awards 2014 Finalist for the world's best e-content and mobile app:

The Android and iOS versions of the app are undergoing a major update! The links to the app will be available here when they are published again to the app stores.